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Registration Tips

Registering Someone Else or a Group (including yourself at the group rate)
If you are registering someone other than yourself (either on behalf of another individual or a group including yourself) please do not select “Register for this Event”, you will register yourself and will not be able add anyone else at any time.

If you have your own account, please login with your own account first; you will then be able to register other individuals. If you don't have your own account or don't know the login information for the person you need to register, please create an account. Once on your homepage, click "Browse Events" under the Event header on the right hand side of the page. Select "2019 Annual Conference". In order to register another individual, select “Manage Group Registration for [your organization name]" and proceed forward following the prompts.

Registering Yourself (at the individual rate)
If you would like to register yourself, please select "Register for this Event". 

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Questions about registration? Please contact Jamie Hughes at jhughes@isigmaonline.org or +1 602-788-6243, ext. 2007.

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